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Faculty and Advising Portals

Campus Café’s administrative software benefits faculty and advisors by providing robust enrollment management and retention tools.

Faculty and academic advisors at small to mid-sized institutions have specific needs and face unique challenges unlike their larger counterparts. Faculty are often required to fill multiple roles for an increasingly large number of students. 

Administrative software from Campus Café offers essential tools for classroom management and academic advising.  Campus Café’s administrative software was specifically designed with small to mid-sized learning institutions in mind. Don’t waste resources on software designed for large schools – it may be too costly, not user-friendly, and contain programs and features you don’t need..

Faculty Portal

  1. Real time class rosters
  2. Grade entry
  3. Attendance tracking
  4. Academic Alerts Portal
  5. Judicial/Conduct tracking
  6. E-mail/texting options to students or entire class

Advising Portal

  1. Academic audits
  2. Transcripts
  3. Enrollment histories
  4. Advising notes
  5. Registration interface
  6. Student schedules
  7. Academic Alerts Portal

In addition to being beneficial to faculty and advisors, Campus Café’s administration software is also greatly beneficial to prospective students, current students, parents, alumni and business partners. We give your college, school or learning institution the tools it needs to operate more efficiently and make information available to all authorized users in real time. Please inquire and see how this easy to use system will help achieve your enrollment management and retention goals.

For more information about our administrative software or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!


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