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Our administrative software improves the efficiency of your overall operations

Having the right administrative software for your institution is crucial to its success as well as its efficiency. Campus Café is school administration software specifically designed for small to mid-sized schools and colleges and it assists in meeting the needs and challenges faced by smaller institutions. From the admissions process to student services to alumni relations, Campus Café does it all.

The Campus Café student information system is now available with a SaaS model.

Campus Cafe offers a full range of system support services to help our customers achieve all the benefits of using Campus Cafe school management software.

Campus Cafe understands the needs of small and mid-size educational institutions.

Implementing a new Student Information System goes beyond simply installing software and training end users.

Implementing a new Enterprise administrative solution requires a considerable commitment – both financially and culturally.

For most schools, business processes evolve over the course of years and are not engineered in advance.

Why invest in administrative software from Campus Cafe Software?

Today, more than ever, we rely on technology to help us become more effective and achieve higher goals.

Having trusted partners to deliver these technologies is essential to ensure that ever expanding information technology strategies are managed properly to meet your needs. SCAN Business Systems provides a single source for the services that your institution will need:

Project Management

While a new administrative system will serve as the foundation of campus data and information dissemination, it must be part of an overall strategic solution. SCAN’s Project Management Services will map a plan that effectively takes you from your current student records system environment to the environment you plan to reach.


From first installing Campus Café on your servers to converting your historical data and configuring the system for your institution’s specific needs, SCAN’s consultants will provide an Implementation Project Plan that simplifies each step of the process.


We offer a comprehensive training program for each client for administration of Campus Café, end user modules and Crystal Reports.