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Academic Alert Portal

Academic Alert Portal supports student mentoring and helps student retention

Campus Cafe’s academic alert portal allows faculty and academic officers to quickly and easily add an alert on a student record.  This could be for attendance issues or other course related alerts.  The alert is typically set up as a work flow with result queues.  This allows for easy tracking of actions that are associated with the alert.  For example, the first action might be to send an email to the academic office that the student has been scheduled for a conference. The student also gets the alert.  After the meeting takes place, the academic officer would enter a “result” that triggers the next action for the next person, or closes the alert.

This invaluable tool will greatly enhance retention as students are mentored in a timely fashion.

Within the Academic Alert Portal, each alert has capability to:

  • Add notes and comments
  • Schedule calls and interviews
  • Attach documents
  • Note the receipt of various requirements
  • Queue the next required action

Why invest in Campus Café?

Campus Café student information system was designed for schools, colleges, universities and other learning institutions with fewer than 10,000 students. Written using Java technology, Campus Café is a single database integrated student information system that utilizes web based query tools and data access.  True integration allows for faster institutional research and decision making while a single contact management system supports the student life cycle seamlessly.

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