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Student Services

Campus Café – A complete student information system for your learning institution

Campus Café Web services is a self service interface that allows students, faculty, advisors, and administrators to access and update information based on their permission level. For example, students can view classes, schedules, transcripts, degree audits, enrollment history, contact information, hold code information, billing statements, degree information, exam schedules, and other relevant information. A student may also make on-line payments, and update certain information on their student record with the appropriate permissions.

Faculty can view their rosters, (with each roster they may view student pictures, send emails to the class and enter grades), view course listings, faculty schedules, and other information within their permission group.

Advisors can see all of the same information that a student sees for their advisees and also set parameters and permissions for self registration by students. An advisor can also view pictures of the advisees and send emails to all students in their advisee list. Their advisee list can be expanded depending on their permission.

A budget administrator can view their cost center on line to get up to date information on spending, remaining budget, encumbrances, and account balances.

The primary purpose of any school administration software system is to empower an institution to provide the highest level of service possible to its students. The fact that Campus Café’s registration and student billing system share the same database makes it unique and provides the Business Office with the same information as the Registrar, allowing you to provide excellent service and an easily accessible  student information system.

Registering students for courses is only a single aspect of what a Student Services office needs. Effectively managing student forms, grades, attendance, conduct, room assignmentshealth center requirements and academic advising will all be factors in determining the level of service you offer.

Academic Audits are an important component of Campus Cafe's Student Services module. With Audits available through web services, your students will have the necessary information to properly plan for their future course work. Reverse Audits are a powerful forecasting tool that will allow your Registrar's office to anticipate how many students still have an unmet academic requirement.

Why choose Campus Café as your school student information system?

Campus Café was specifically designed to help small to mid-sized educational institutions with the unique needs and challenges they face. Don’t waste resources on school administration software created for large universities; it may be too costly and contain programs and features you don’t need. Rather, invest in Campus Café and discover why our student information system is the ideal choice for your learning institution.

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