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School reporting software produces real time information from a single database

The strength of any Student Information System is directly related to the quality of the information it delivers.  In today's competitive marketplace, your success depends on having the ability to determine the most effective manner in which to use your limited resources.


How can Campus Café give you a competitive advantage?

Campus Café is an enterprise wide administrative system with a single database that serves Admissions, Registrar/Student Services, Business Office, and Alumni/Development.  With this single repository of data, there is tremendous potential to better understand the student life cycle at your institution, improve the effectiveness of your department, and make better decisions.  Often times this requires access to information from other offices.

Campus Café is the only Student Information System in this market to offer real time access with all of your offices. This will allow you to answer the questions that determine how you develop your recruiting strategies. Where do our best students come from? Which sources tend to generate the highest quality candidates?  Or for your campaign strategies.  Which constituents have the highest propensity to give?  How is this information related to academic data?  These answers are easily obtained because your recruiting data, student data, and alumni data reside in a single, relational database.

Through tight integration with Crystal Reports, your institution will have access to a library of over 300 canned reports.  While most of your reporting needs will be met by this report library, SCAN will provide the training necessary to make each of your offices self-sufficient.


Sample Reports