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Applicant Status Portal

Our secure applicant status portal improves communication with applicants

Campus Café’s Admissions Portal offers prospective students the ability to submit online applications. The portal easily integrates with your website and eliminates the need to manually track and enter applications. The Admissions Portal also allows applicants to track the status of their application online, eliminating the need for Missing Information Letters.

Today's prospects expect to have real time access to their personal information. Campus Café's Applicant Status Portal provides a secure, password protected facility for applicants to get updated information on what has and has not been submitted on their application like test scores, transcripts, referral letters etc. Providing this type of information online to students helps improve communications and significantly reduces the volume of incoming emails and phone calls. 

Why invest in Campus Café school admission software?

Our school admissions software was specifically designed for small to mid-sized schools, universities and other learning institutions. School budgets are tight – invest in something that’s designed just for you.

Campus Café admission software is built organically from the ground up with Student Services and Alumni/Development software. It is truly integrated and designed to be a single contact management system (CRM) for the life of the prospect/student/alumni.  Having a unified solution provides your institution with the efficiencies of never having to re-key data from one department to another and always having the ability to report on data that is collected throughout the student life cycle. Campus Café's Workflow and Contact Management feature also eliminates the time-intensive task of corresponding with prospective students.

The pressure to find and recruit new students is more intense than ever. Offer prospective students a streamlined, efficient and web-based way to apply to your institution!  Contact us now to learn more about our school admission system. Work with us to ensure your success!


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