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Student Information System

Campus Café is Comprehensive and Affordable

Campus Café is a student information system specially designed for small to mid-sized higher education institutions. As school’s budgets get tighter and the pressure to do more with fewer resources becomes greater Campus Café offers an affordable solutions that assists with all your school management needs.

The student services portal allows for student enrollment, financial aid, class schedules, student grades, transcripts and degree audits.

Campus Café school administrative software provides a set of unified Business Office Modules that allow your campus to run efficiently without duplication of effort or offline synchronization of vital information.

Campus Café administrative software gives your Alumni Relations and Development offices the tools they need to campaign more effectively.

In the highly competitive world of admissions and recruiting, it’s critical that your student information system provides the necessary tools to achieve your growing enrollment goals.

In this Internet era, it is necessary to provide your student body with a student information system that allows them to access everything they need online.

Campus Café’s school workflow software is an ideal solution for institutions with fewer than 10,000 students that are looking for cost-effective administrative solutions.

The strength of any Student Information System is directly related to the quality of the information it delivers.

Campus Café’s single database integrated student information system enables colleges and schools to manage all operational data in one place, from admissions, business office to student services and alumni development.

How is Campus Café different from other school administration software programs?

One Database

One database for Admissions, Student Services, Business Office and Alumni/Development: Having a single record for the entire student life-cycle eliminates countless hours of manual processes and frees up resources for strategic initiatives. Historical data always carries forward as applicants become students, and students become alumni or parents.

Automated Communication Plans

Automated Communication Plans: Create an unlimited number of communication plans with unique triggers and constraints. Our workflow management system allows user to access records through a web interface and automatically see reminders for tasks and events such as follow up phone calls or interviews.

Institutional Research

When all of your data is related, your ability to better understand institutional trends is enhanced.


Java’s design and deployment environment is lightweight and modular. Not only will your school be able to implement Campus Café in a shorter period of time, but you will also enjoy upgrades in minutes - rather than weeks or months.