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Continuing Education

Give your students the resources they need to succeed with our student management system

Adult education and continuing education programs are getting popular as more people are deciding to go back to school. Campus Café student management system provides your school with everything it needs to meet the unique challenges and needs of these nontraditional students. Continuing education programs have to be flexible because the student bodies are diverse, already in the workforce and may have certain non-traditional needs. That means you need to have education administration software that can accommodate them.

Our education administration software addresses your school's needs

SCAN Business Systems offers you a student management system that allows prospective and current students to access all the information they need, from admissions to academic information to other important student services. The administrative benefits are also ideal as you’ll be able to better manage financial performance and increase efficiency across the board. Choose Campus Café to help you

  • attract more students to your program offerings
  • increase student engagement in academic programs and ensure their academic success
  • improve operational efficiency to control costs and improve financial performance

For most adult and continuing education institutions, larger software programs designed for big universities don’t deliver the solutions you need, are often too complex and can be quite costly. Campus Café is a system created and designed to meet the unique challenges faced by small to mid-sized institutions. We are an organically grown vendor with a loyal client base of educational institutions with less than 10,000 students. Your input will be valued instead of getting drowned out by large institutions.

To learn more about how our student management system can benefit you, please contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!