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Community Colleges

Administrative software specifically designed to benefit Community Colleges

Community colleges have some of the most diverse student bodies of any learning institutions in the country. Step onto any community college campus and you’re likely to find people from all walks of life: 18 year olds right out of high school, career professionals who are pursuing a career in a totally different field, adults who have decided to return to school and many more.

Campus Café from SCAN Business Systems is a student data system that benefits students, faculty and administrators by providing a user-friendly and convenient information system for everyone to use. Use Campus Café to help you

Why invest in our school administrative software?

Campus Café was specifically designed for small to mid-sized learning institutions. Our clients are all colleges and schools with less than 10,000 students.  Built in Java, Campus Café systems can be implemented quickly and managed with a small staff, resulting in lower cost of ownership than other school administrative software designed for big universities.

Community colleges are under tremendous pressure to achieve high results with scarce resources. As budgets get smaller and smaller and demands become greater, it is wise to invest in administrative software that is not only cost-effective but specifically designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized schools. Don’t waste resources on software intended for large schools as it’s likely to be expensive, complex and contain features that aren’t relevant to your community college.

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