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Registrar/Student Service Officer

Use our student information system to help students succeed

Registrars and Student Services offices at universities across the nation have a need for a user-friendly, web-based student information system that allows students, parents, faculty, academic and student life officers to find all the information they need to get the best academic performance and student life possible. Campus Café is a single database integrated student information system designed to address this need.

Here are some ways that Campus Café can help students succeed in school

and make your work easier

Why choose Campus Café

Campus Café student information system was specifically designed for small to mid-sized colleges, universities and schools. Software built for larger schools can be costly, may be too complex and may contain features and programs that aren’t suitable for your school.

SCAN Business Systems has been in business for over 25 years with a loyal customer base. Our customers have a bigger voice. You don't have to compete with large universities to get your input heard. Our user conferences are focused on customers and new business processes and technology that keeps you ahead of your competitors.

Invest in our student information system and discover how it can help you help your students succeed. Please contact us for more information and remember – work with us to ensure your success!


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