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Campus Café school administrative software is built using Java Technology

Campus Café has been developing software for education institutions for over 25 years. Our school administrative software solution, Campus Café, was built organically from the ground up with the goal of serving small to mid-size colleges and universities. Written in Java, Campus Café is a truly integrated system with a single database and uses real time web based query tools and data access. A single contact management system (CRM)  manages the entire student life cycle, from applicant to student, alum and parent. Our administrative software unifies the AdmissionsStudent ServicesBusiness Office and Alumni/Development functions, enabling fast institutional research and decision making.


Campus Cafe Student Information System Functional Diagram

Campus Café offers the best ROI

Campus Café has all the advantages of a Java-based system. It is platform independent. It can be implemented quickly and upgraded efficiently.  Enhancements require less person-hours to make. Designed specifically for smaller institutions under 10,000 students, Campus Café does not need the large staffing required by large ERP vendors. All these contribute to lower cost of ownership and better ROI.

Full Range of Support Services

At SCAN, we understand that successful, long term client relationships are built on trust, and that an aspect of that trust is providing the best possible support. Our support services include

SCAN Business Systems is committed to providing  software support in a timely and flexible manner to ensure that your institution gets all the benefits of using Campus Cafe school administrative software.

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