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Campus Café is a cost effective school management system for small to mid-sized schools

For CFOs of universities, colleges and other learning institutions, our software for schools offers a cutting-edge technological solution to students, faculty, staff, alumni, employees and business partners. Entirely web-based and user-friendly, our Campus Café school management system provides useful information to all your constituents any time anywhere, helping you stay ahead of the competition while providing ways to operate more efficiently.

School budgets are tighter than ever so don’t waste your valuable resources on software that doesn’t address your unique needs and challenges. Campus Café is the only school management system designed specifically for small to mid-sized schools and it unifies the key functions of your institution including Student Services, Admissions, Business administration and Alumni and development.

Invest in the tools that help you get the job done efficiently and correctly. Our software for schools doesn’t just benefit students – it benefits staff, board members, alumni, business partners and many more. It’s a wise financial decision and we know you’ll be more than pleased with our software solutions.

Financial modules are seamlessly integrated with operational modules

Unlike other software in this market, Campus Café has its own integrated financial modules. This type of true integration creates a real time environment that promotes collaboration between offices, and allows your Business Office to be less dependent on batch transfers from other departments.

Our school management system offers the best ROI

Campus Café is written using Java technology. The system is platform independent. Implementations are shorter and upgrades are more efficient.  Enhancements require less person-hours to make. It does not need a large IT staff to run. All these contribute to lower cost of ownership and with all the benefits of a school management system, Campus Café promises to offer the best ROI in the market.

Trusted vendor of school management systems

SCAN Business Systems has been in business for over 25 years. We are an organically grown vendor with a loyal client base of schools under 10,000 students. Our customers have a bigger voice and user conferences are focused on customers and new business processes and technology. SCAN is dedicated to helping your institution achieve the benefits of  an integrated school management system. We will provide you with all the support services from feasibility study to implementation, project management, training, and technical support to ensure your success.

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