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Alumni/Development Officer

Form meaningful and beneficial alumni relationships using our administrative software

Many alumni enjoy an excellent relationship with their alma mater and SCAN Business Systems has the solutions to help you campaign effectively and build lasting relationships with them. Our school administrative software has modules for

  • Campaign management that is supported by a contact management system and integrates with third party Wealth Screening Services
  • Gift processing that can handle a variety of gift types and supports gift coding and extensive reporting
  • Salutation management that facilitates effective communication with constituents by adopting the same salutation protocols used by the U.S. State Department
  • Relationship management that allows you to track all the relationships your donors and constituents  have with your institution.

Constituent profiles provides all important information on a single screen

Campus Café’s single database design offers you the ability to build constituent profiles that include data not only from your own department but from other offices such as Student Records and Accounting. For example, you will have access to accounts receivable information that would indicate, in real time, whether or not pledges have been paid.


Why choose Campus Café alumni development administrative software

Using our administrative software you’ll be able to better engage with constituents, manage funds and campaigns effectively, make better decisions and achieve better results with the help of easy access to real time information and extensive reporting capability.

SCAN Business Systems specializes in small to mid-sized learning institutions and we understand the challenges and unique needs of smaller universities. Schools are operating on extremely tight budgets and there isn’t much room for negotiation when it comes to administrative software, but purchasing expensive software designed for larger institutions can be a mistake because the software may prove to be too complex and contain programs and features you simply don’t need. Rather, invest in our database software – we guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with our solutions!

For more information about Campus Café school administrative software, please contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!

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