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Admissions Officer

Meet your admissions goals with our school admissions software

Admissions officers are under constant pressure to recruit new students and reach out to prospective students. Campus Café school admissions software provides admissions officers with a way to work more efficiently by automating many administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on what is important – connecting with prospective students and opening the lines of communication.

Our school admissions software assists with:

  • Identifying students who are well-suited to the university or a specific program
  • Reaching, and even surpassing, enrollment goals
  • Opening the lines of communication with potential students and their parents
  • Making the admissions process user-friendly and entirely web-based for applicants

Campus Café contains features that will allow you to

The competition for new students is tougher than it’s ever been and your university will benefit greatly from the technological advantages our student management system offers. Prospective students will appreciate the efficiency of our easy to use school admissions software and admissions officers will have more time to focus on meeting their admissions goals.

Campus Café school admissions software was specifically designed for small to mid-sized colleges, universities, schools and other learning institutions. Software built for larger schools can be costly, may be too complex and may contain features and programs that aren’t suitable for your school. Invest in our student management system and discover how efficient the admissions process can be.

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