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Who We Serve

Campus Café clients are established small and mid-sized educational institutions:

Universities and colleges nation-wide are under pressure to do more and perform better with fewer resources and our student information system is a valuable tool that is specifically suited for small to mid-sized learning institutions.

Student Information Systems: Meeting the needs of small to mid-sized colleges and universities

Rather than spending too much money on expensive software that has been designed for larger schools, it’s wise to invest in Campus Café, SCAN Business Systems’ management software – we know you’ll be more than happy with the decision.

Why our management software is an ideal choice.

It is always important to foster and maintain positive relationships with prospective students, current students, alumni and potential donors; in fact, it’s critical to the success of your university. Our student information system makes it easy to do all this and more – here’s how:

  • Provide prospective students with a user-friendly, web-based admissions process
  • Give current students a single platform with which to access campus information, university announcements, course details and much more
  • Build strong relationships with alumni and donors
  • Facilitate workflow and communication between all offices and departments as well as their constituents
  • Manage data in a single database, providing real time access, flexible reporting and audit trails

Our college management software was designed with your small to mid-sized university in mind. It does not contain complex features and programs that you don’t need and it does not require a large IT staff to support and maintain. If you are looking for a cost effective solution, Campus Cafe provides the best ROI in the market and is your ideal choice.

So contact us today for more information. The solutions we provide are user-friendly, make your operations more efficient and greatly increase convenience for students, faculty, parents and many more. Work with us to ensure your success!