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Software for Schools

Our software for schools gives you the competitive advantage

We’re living in the Internet era, which means software for schools is not just something to consider - it’s something schools need to invest in if they want to keep up with the competition. At SCAN Business Systems, we specialize in management information systems for public schools, private schools, universities, community colleges, career schools and similar learning institutions - and we understand the unique needs of these institutions.

Our software for schools is beneficial for students, faculty, parents and prospective students. It not only makes the day-to-day operations of the school more efficient, it streamlines many operational processes and gives everyone a way to access up-to-date information in real time.

The Campus Cafe management information systems are designed to:

  • Provide web-based student services that are critical to good communication and success. Students can access and download coursework from different modules, communicate directly with instructors and access important university or campus information - all in one central location.
  • Increase admissions. Don’t lose out on any more potential students due to your outdated admissions process. Our software for schools includes an admissions process that is entirely Internet-based and allows prospective students to track their application status online.
  • Streamline administrative tasks and decrease the occurrence of administrative errors.
  • Provide a central location for important school information, campus information, announcements and updates that can be accessed by all students and faculty.

Why you should partner with SCAN Business Systems:

  • Our software for schools is beneficial to students, faculty, parents and prospective students
  • Our management information systems keep all important information in an easily accessible, central location
  • Our knowledgeable and professional team is always standing by to answer your questions
  • Our cutting-edge software for schools will give you a competitive advantage

To learn more about how our software for schools can benefit you, please contact us today. SCAN Business Systems is proud to be “The Foundation of a Unified Campus”!