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Training Services

End user training and best practices for school software implementation

Implementing a new Enterprise administrative solution requires a considerable commitment - both financially and culturally.  An integrated system will allow you to more effectively manage the processes that guide your institution.  SCAN will assist you to establish Best Practices to serve as a guideline for the management of data. We will also assist in creating a training strategy to ensure that all end users, current and future, adhere to these Best Practices.

As part of your implementation, SCAN provides detailed end user training for Campus Café modules and how to write/modify reports.  While most initial training is done on site prior to each office going live, clients have a number of options in selecting the best training method for new users:

  • Online:  SCAN uses Webex to provide interactive, web-based training.
  • Self Study
  • Classroom training at SCAN's Office:  Many clients prefer to have training done off-site to avoid the interruptions of day-to-day operations on campus.  In many cases, these classroom training sessions for future new users will include end users from other client institutions which helps manage costs.  SCAN provides regularly scheduled classroom sessions.
  • Onsite training

SCAN will work to ensure that end users are trained to fully utilize the features offered in Campus Café and best practices are established and employed for managing data so that your institution gets a maximum return on your investment.  Contact us today to find out more about our school management software. Work with us to ensure your success!

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