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Project Management

Project Management is crucial for success in implementing school administration software

What can you expect after you've chosen Campus Café? Implementing a new Student Information System goes beyond simply installing software and training end users. The decision to implement an Enterprise school administration software solution represents a commitment to leverage technology to its fullest and to adopt new technologies as an integral part of your institution's culture.

SCAN Business Systems will assist your institution to evaluate administrative processes and make best practice recommendations to leverage our administration software solution to the fullest potential. We will provide detailed implementation plans as part of our Project Management services to ensure that your new administration software is aligned properly with institutional goals to complement other technologies and improve existing business practices.

Why choose Campus Café school administration software?

Campus Café is a cost effective solution for small to mid-sized learning institutions.  It is built in Java Technology. As a result, system implementations are shorter, upgrades are more efficient, and platform is independent. All these leading to lower costs of ownership. Campus Café does not need the large staffing required by large ERP vendors, thus the cost structure is lower.

SCAN Business Systems has been in business for over 25 years with many long term developers. We are an organically grown vendor with a loyal client base. Our clients are all colleges and schools with less than 10,000 students. Your input will be valued instead of getting drowned out by larger institutions.

To learn more about our school administrative software, please  contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!