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Workflow & Contact Management

Our school workflow software increases operational efficiency

Campus Café’s school workflow software is an ideal solution for institutions with fewer than 10,000 students that are looking for cost-effective administrative solutions. Written using Java technology and featuring integrated SIS, Campus Café school adminstrative software is platform independent and doesn’t require a large staff to keep it running.

Campus Café’s contact management system centralizes all communications in a robust and easy to use interface across your campus. Contacts can be integrated with email, texting, and letter generation.  Contacts can be set up single events, a series of events, or a result based event that triggers further action for anyone in the system.  Users may also be automatically notified by email if an event takes place in the contact management system. For example, an admissions officer might get an email if a prospect applies or deposits.  A campus safety officer might get an email if an incident is entered.  The prospect or student would also receive a correspondence. Thus, Campus Café helps your institution operate more efficiently.

Here is a scenario for using an Automated Communication Plan for admissions prospects.  A series of correspondences that go out on predetermined intervals with a common goal are configured in the form of a letter, email, or text message.  Triggers ensure that communications are targeted to the right prospect.  Constraints ensure that a communication plan is turned off at the right time.

Each contact has capability to:

  • Add notes and comments
  • Schedule calls and interviews
  • Attach documents
  • Note the receipt of various application requirements
  • Store data elements.  The types of information that you collect may change from year to year.  Virtual Fields will provide unlimited flexibility to capture such data.

Other benefits of our contact management system

The contact management system can be used for many other purposes including:

Campus Café school workflow software was designed to address the needs of small to mid-sized institutions. Don’t spend money on expensive, complicated software systems designed for large schools, but invest in a solution that works for you. For more information about how school workflow software can benefit you, please contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!


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