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Campus Café administration software makes managing transcripts easy and convenient

Campus Cafe administration software provides a truly flexible transcript and a comprehensive system to manage transcripts and transcript requests.  While unofficial transcripts can be made available in the Student/Parent Portals, official transcripts may require printing on safety paper or production of an electronic copy.  When a request is received by an administrator to send an official transcript to an outside organization, all of the appropriate information can be entered into Campus Cafe's contact management system.

If this information is being sent to a U.S. college, then the mailing address is pre-populated by Campus Café. All of the required printing (transcript, cover letter, labels…) are merged automatically and sent to the print queue. The student's record is then updated to reflect that the transcript was sent and who received it.  If there is a fee for sending transcripts, the charges are created manually in the Student Billing module. The transcript is integrated with the holds system to prevent unauthorized printing.


Why choose Campus Café as your school management system?

Campus Café’s school management system addresses the unique needs and challenges your school faces. Rather than waste valuable resources on administration software designed for large schools, invest in Campus Café and discover how streamlined and efficient your processes can be!

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