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Student and Parent Portals

Campus Café is a student information system that parents, students, teachers and advisers can easily access

Students, prospective students and parents need a user-friendly way to access a variety of information and Campus Café’s student information system allows them to do this seamlessly. As education becomes increasingly web-based and access to the Internet and smartphone usage continues to increase, schools are under increased pressure to provide students and parents with a way to access information they need from anywhere, at any time. Campus Café provides an affordable way to meet this challenge.

Campus Cafe offers extensive online self-service for students and parents.  This facility provides:

  1. Online registration & course requests. Register for course online by picking classes via a shopping cart.
  2. Student Grades. Get immediate access to current grades, grade reports and student transcripts.
  3. Schedules. View student class schedules, class size, room location and instructor.
  4. Academic audits. Run a full degree audit to determine course requirements.
  5. Academic alerts. See alerts or notes from teaching faculty regarding performance, participation or attendance. 
  6. Transcripts. Run real-time transcript in multiple formats. 
  7. Waivers & forms. 
  8. Statement and online payments. View billing statements and pay online, bill later, pay at once or in installments.

Providing this type of access to your students and parents improves communications, reduces administrative workloads and gives added convenience to everyone involved. Campus Café’s school information system is specifically designed for small to mid-sized learning institutions.

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