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Reverse Audits

Campus Café – A student data system that assists with reverse audits and much more

Campus Café’s student data system is a useful tool for advisors who regularly perform reverse audits. A reverse audit is a planning and forecasting tool; it essentially employs the concept of an academic audit, but is applied to groups of students. Our college management software provides you with a user-friendly and streamlined way to perform this task as well as many others.

Your students meet academic requirements by completing coursework each semester.  Campus Cafe tracks these requirements and how they are met.   By running a Reverse Audit, you can obtain a list of all requirements that have not been met for a specified group of students.

In addition to forecasting, this tool is also very useful for advising scenarios.  For example, some courses  may only be offered during the fall semester.  The Reverse Audit would allow you to identify seniors who need such a class to graduate, but create a pro-active advising scheme where the student is registered before that class becomes full.

Why choose Campus Café as your student data system?

Not all college management software is created equally and the Campus Café student data system was specifically designed with the needs of small to mid-sized learning institutions in mind. Schools are under great pressure to perform on a higher level with fewer resources and our software benefits students, parents, faculty, alumni and administrators. It’s convenient, user-friendly and gives you access to the information you need at anytime from anywhere.

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