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Residential Life

Campus Café – A complete student information system for your school

When it comes to residential life, your students need a student information system that allows them to access all information related to housing and other residential needs. Campus Café is a school information system that does exactly this and much more, including offering transcript services and online registration.

Campus Cafe’s Housing module provides integrated functionality for tracking all housing assignments.  The historical housing term system will also allow assignment of future housing assignments while maintaining current status.  Reports are available to track dormitory capacity, usage, and roommates.  The integrated contact management system allows for tracking of judicial issues and other housing related issues.

With Campus Cafe’s single database design, you will have real time access to all student information and true integration with your Business Office for all housing related charges.

Why our student information system is an ideal choice for your school

Campus Café was specifically designed for small to mid-sized schools, colleges and other learning institutions. As schools are under more pressure to do more with fewer resources, they need solutions that allow them to address the unique needs and challenges they face and Campus Café’s school information system does exactly this. Don’t waste valuable resources on a student information system designed for a large school – it won’t be cost-effective, it may be too complex and it may contain programs and features you don’t need.

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