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Campus Parking Registration Made Easy by Campus Café college management software

Campus Café college management software supports Student Services from student/parent portals and academic alerts to online registration, housing and even parking. Campus Café offers a web based parking registration system that will enable your students to register any vehicles that may be on campus.  This self service facility will help to reduce administrative workloads, improve your facilities management best practices, and help ensure campus safety by having updated information about vehicles that are permitted to be on campus.

Our parking registration system also provides the flexibility of issuing window stickers or hang tags, which will enable the use of multiple vehicles.

Why choose our college management system?

Campus Café was specifically designed with the needs of small to mid-sized learning institutions in mind. It is a single database system that truly integrates your school's Student Services with Business Office accounting systems, as well as Admissions and Alumni/Development functions. It utilizes real-time web-based query tools and is very easy to use. Don't waste precious resources on complex systems built for larger schools. Invest in Campus Café and discover how effective our solutions are.

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