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Online Registration

The Registrar's job is little easier with the Campus Café student information system

The Campus Cafe registration module handles all registrar functions and is the cornerstone of the Campus Café student information system. For most learning institutions, this is a complex area of administration that requires a flexible and configurable solution. Campus Café’s school registration software supports:

  • Online registration
  • Easy to navigate course offerings
  • Validators that can be overridden with proper permissions for:
    • Prerequisites and co-requisites,
    • Class full, closed or cancelled,
    • Time conflicts,
    • Major/program restrictions,
    • Class level restrictions,
    • Wait list,
    • Academic, financial and student holds,
    • Course/credit overload,
    • Advisor approval


More detail

On Line access to all information about a student's course and grade history. This information is stored for as long as needed.

Room scheduling with classroom availability lists by room/day/time.

Course scheduling with checking for room/time conflicts.

On-line student scheduling program that checks for time conflicts, prerequisites, and financial clearance.

Scheduling assist reports.

Audit log which tracks all changes in status for a student such as resident/day, part time/full time, withdrawals, and many others.

Grade changes are tracked in the audit log with date, time, and user identity.

Mid-term grade entry and mailers.

Class lists and student schedules. On line student transcripts for individuals or groups.

On line student grade mailers for individuals or groups.

Interactive degree audit. This series of programs allow you to define requirements for an unlimited number of programs. A flexible hierarchical systems allows defining of specific requirements as well as requirements in other school departments, divisions, or general areas of study.

Degree audit for change of program or transfer students is also available.

Degree audit batch analysis for section forecasting and advising.

Cumulative average reports by semester or overall cumulative averages. Dean's list through user defined criteria. Additional Honors/Probation posting through user defined criteria.

IPED reporting.

Automated document tracking. 5 Transcript request tracking system.

Faculty database that allows document tracking, correspondence, and integration with registration module.

Grade distribution analysis.

Retention history file that can track students returning or leaving school and analyze retention trends.

Housing office database that allows access to student master records and tracking file for monitoring functions related to housing.

Why invest in Campus Café’s student information system?

Our student information system was specifically designed for small to mid-sized schools with smaller information systems budgets. You need a solution that is cost-effective and provides you with robust tools to fulfill your mission to educate students.  Campus Café addresses these unique needs and challenges by providing a state of the art Java based technology solution that eliminates many of the labor intensive configurations required by large ERP systems.  

Don’t  spend money on school registration software designed for large universities, which may be too costly and contain features that you don’t need, invest in a reliable and trustworthy solution that meets your specific needs.

For more information about our student information system, please contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!

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