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Health Center

Campus Café administrative software helps track Health Center information

Tracking health-related information is an important administrative function and you need administrative software that makes the process easy, user-friendly and convenient. Campus Café’s Health Center module provides a centralized facility for tracking immunizations, allergies and illnesses.

Our database software provides your Health Center with a way to make available the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding important health issues on campus and individual student health records as well.

Why should you invest in Campus Café?

Our administrative software was designed for small to mid-sized learning institutions and specifically addresses their unique needs and challenges. Schools are under increasing pressure to perform better and do more with limited resources, so don’t waste a part of your budget on database software designed for large schools; it may be too expensive and complex for what you need. Campus Café is affordable and has integrated the mission-critical functions for your institution, from admissions, transcripts to student portals to alumni and development.

The Health Center module is also integrated with the Registration System.  Holds can be created for students who have not submitted the appropriate documentation. In addition, Automated Communication Plans can also trigger a predefined series of missing information letters that will automatically run until you have recorded the receipt of the documentation. Health-related information is vital to the overall well-being of your student body – ensure you’re using a program that helps you record, monitor and update information accurately.

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