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Learning Management

Our student information system supports online learning

In this Internet era, it is necessary to provide your student body with a student information system that allows them to access everything they need online. Campus Café has the solutions your school needs in order to provide a user-friendly and efficient experience for all students. From the admissions process all the way to alumni development, our software for schools enhances your students’ experiences across the board. 


Integrations with Learning Management Software

Campus Cafe integrated either via real-time restful API or batch process integration with the top learning management software including Moodle, CanvasBlackboard and Brightspace so course registration, attendance and grade information is shared within both systems and you won't waste precious time entering the information twice. 

With restful API integration the data is shared bi-directionally between systems. In other words, when data is added in Campus Cafe it gets updated in your LMS and vice versa.


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