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Financial Aid Software

Our student information system supports financial aid processing

For Title IV eligible schools, the Campus Cafe student information system has a fully integrated financial aid module that services student communication, billing, packaging and government reporting. If you are already using a third party financial aid software ( EdExpress, Powerfaids and BEN, among others) and are happy with it, then it can be integrated through our API.

Detailed Reporting for Government Requirements

Government reporting is a critical function for any financial aid administrator and Campus Cafe has you covered. Our system comes loaded with 90/10 and student academic progress (SAP) reports as well as other federally required reporting (gainful employment, IPEDs, NSLDS/Clearinghouse enrollment reporting).  We keep up on the changes in regulations to ensure our reports include all the required information.

Integrated Financial Aid Billing

Our financial aid module is integrated with our student financial ledger so all disbursed and undisbursed loans are reflected on the student’s bill. Either a student or administrator can log-in to see a running balance in real-time of all outstanding grants and loans which might include Pell, federal (subsidized, unsubsidized, consolidated, PLUS Perkins) or private loans.

Flexible Packaging of Financial Awards

Campus Cafe makes it easy to award, package, repackage or unpackage student financial aid. Our simple interface enables a financial administrator to download ISIRS and package awards based on the information in the ISIR. The system can then generate and award letter that is available on line to the student or the parent.

Robust Communication & Querying

With our student management system it’s easy to find a single or group of students based on various criteria. All the records can be filtered to find applicants or students awarded financial aid so you can e-mail text or send them a letter. All activity gets tracked in our system.

Workflows are easy to create, so emails or reminders are automatically forwarded to the relevant parties when various actions occur. For instance, when a student expresses interest in financial aid on their admissions form, completes their application and is accepted, an email can automatically be distributed to the financial aid administrator at each stage in the process.

Accessible Financial Aid Status Portal

Students and parents have access to a self-service portal to view their financial aid status. It provides real-time updates on estimated costs and awards and any required forms can be uploaded.

Handy Cost of Tuition Calculator

A financial aid administrator can utilize our calculator to determine each student’s estimated cost of attendance based on various criteria including in and out of state tuition, room and board, books and other fees.

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