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Student Billing

Campus Café student billing software – student billing made easy

One of the advantages of Campus Café student billing software is having your Business Office share the same database as your other administrative offices.  This allows for real time student billing based on enrollment, housing, and other transactions in the database.

Campus Café is school software designed specifically for small to mid-sized colleges, schools and other learning institutions. Its goal is to help increase efficiency, increase convenience and give students, faculty and administrative staff a central platform for important information.

Here are some of the benefits of using Campus Café student billing software:

  • Billing Rules Engine:  Table driven billing scheme that pulls in all related charges.  If a student signs up for a fee based course or event, these charges are reflected in the online statement in real time.
  • Use a different Billing Matrix for varying programs of study, residency status, grade levels...
  • Automatic posting to the General Ledger
  • Easy manual adjustments
  • Online statements and payments

In addition to making the student billing process convenient and user-friendy, our school software is also applicable to the admissions process, used for managing a wide range of important student services information and even assists with alumni development. Don’t waste important resources on expensive, complicated software that was designed for large schools; Campus Café has everything necessary to help keep operations running smoothly and to give students, faculty, administrative staff and more a user-friendly way to update and access important information.

To learn more about our student billing software, please contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!


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