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Project Tracking

Software for schools that makes project tracking a seamless experience

Campus Café is a database management system specifically designed for small to mid-sized learning institutions and assists with all aspects of project tracking. A common accounting challenge at any institution is how to manage capital projects, grants, and other budgeted items without affecting your general ledger.  Capital projects, like the construction of a new building or a classroom renovation, usually have the following characteristics:

  1. Start and end dates: The project may have dates that are a portion of a fiscal year.

  2. Span multiple fiscal periods: A project may have an indefinite time frame or span multiple fiscal years.

Campus Café's Project Expense Tracking (PET) System provides the flexibility to set up projects outside of the general ledger.  These projects can have their own budgets and time frames.  The Purchase Order System and the GL/AP/AR systems can be configured to specify a PET number to track all transactions associated with a project. Expenditures can be checked against PET budgets as well as operating budgets to ensure timely fiscal controls.

Our school software allows for flexible reporting of Month To Date, Year To Date, or Project to Date transactions, budgets to actual, and other related project information.  This module will help avoid adding unnecessary object codes to your chart of accounts.

Why is Campus Café a smart investment for your school?

Campus Café is useful for almost all of your institution’s operations, not only project tracking. Whether it’s helping to increase admissions, providing essential information about residential life, or improving communication between faculty and students, Campus Café was designed to increase convenience and improve operations across the board.

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