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General Ledger

Flexible General Ledger designed specifically for schools

The General Ledger is the core of any financial system. The Business Office module in Campus Café is a fund-based accounting system that has been designed specifically for the needs of Education. Designed to work with our Bill Rules Engine and other accounting modules, it will help to eliminate most of your manual journal entries.

    • Flexible Chart of Account allows for multiple types of structure including NACUBO
    • True double-entry accounting methods
    • Extensive audit logs
    • Work in unlimited number of fiscal periods
    • Import/Export Manager
    • Automatic posting of revenue, cash, receipts, disbursements and expenses>
    • Extensive financial reporting

Why invest in Campus Café school management system?

Campus Café school management system provides a set of unified Business Office Modules that allow your campus to run efficiently without duplication of effort or offline synchronization of vital information. Modules including General LedgerAccounts Payable/Receivable, Purchase & Requisition, Student Billing, and Project Accounting are integrated and supported by a single database, enabling real time collaboration between departments instead of depending on batch transfers.

Our school management system is a cost effective solution for small to mid-sized learning institutions.  It is built in Java Technology, which means that implementations are shorter, upgrades are more efficient, and platform is independent. All these leading to lower costs of ownership. Campus Café does not need the large staffing required by large system vendors, thus the cost structure is further reduced.

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