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Business Office

School administrative software for small to mid-sized learning institutions

Campus Café school administrative software provides a set of unified Business Office Modules that allow your campus to run efficiently without duplication of effort or offline synchronization of vital information. Its single database architecture makes it the ideal choice for small to mid-sized schools and colleges that don’t necessarily need costly, complicated administrative system software designed for large schools. 

This type of true integration creates a real time environment that promotes collaboration between offices, and allows your Business Office to be less dependent on batch transfers from other departments.

Our school management system helps operations run more efficiently

Campus Cafe provides a flexible general ledger specifically designed for the fund accounting nature of schools.

Our school administrative software was specifically designed for small to mid-sized learning institutions. As schools are under increasing pressure to perform better with fewer resources, Campus Café serves as a user-friendly and cost-effective school management system that gives you the tools you need to manage all aspects of your school’s operations.

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