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Audit Trails

School management software provides audit trails and analytical reporting

Campus Café's single database integrated student information system enables colleges and schools to manage all operational data in one place, from admissions, business office to student services and alumni development.  With this single repository of data, you can better understand the student life cycle at your institution, improve the effectiveness of your department, and make better decisions.

Campus Café's audit trail capability is particularly notable. It tracks all changes to field values in your database.  With quick F-key access, you can easily view the field’s history, including:

  1. Current field value
  2. Previous field values
  3. Date & time stamp
  4. User ID of person to make changes

This powerful feature is not only helpful in resolving issues, but also for analytical reporting on any number of trends that may exist with your institution.  For example, how many students were placed on academic probation during a certain period of time, or how many students were placed on academic probation during a certain period of time, or how many students withdrew during a certain period of time.   With the information that is available in these audit logs, you’ll have the tools you need to better understand your campus operations.

Campus Café is specially designed for smaller educational institutions

Campus Café school management software was designed for educational institutions with fewer than 10,000 students, providing you with a cost-effective solution. Built with Java technology, it gives you total platform independency.  Implementations are quick and updates are more efficient. It does not require a large internal staff to support, so the cost structure is lower.

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