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Relationship Management

Campus Café administrative software helps you manage crucial relationships

Campus Café administrative software enables alumni officers to effectively manage crucial relationships. Management of Alumni and Development offices requires a complete understanding of all the relationships your donors and constituents have with your institution – such as a currently enrolled child, or a parent who is also an alumni.

It may be important to track constituents' children or emergency contacts without having to create an entire new record.  Campus Café database management system will allow you to track these relationships and pertinent information within the constituent record.  In addition, you have the option to create an independent record for related persons or organization if more in depth information is required for these constituents.

Why invest in our administrative software?

While Campus Café helps tremendously with all aspects of alumni development, including managing campaigns, it is also applicable for many of your school’s other operations and processes from admissions to student services to information for parents. Campus Café is a database management system specifically designed to address the challenges faced by small to mid-sized educational institutions. We understand that schools are under intense pressure to perform better with fewer resources. Don’t waste money on administrative software designed for large universities – not only is it not cost-effective, it may contain programs and features that aren’t even relevant to you.

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