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Gift Processing

Campus Café administrative software makes gift processing a breeze

    Gift management is a common aspect of any Development organization and Campus Café administrative software makes it easy for your school to process and manage any gifts it receives. Monetary gifts are an important aspect of a school’s fundraising and budget management efforts, which is why you need database software that allows for quick and simple gift management. 
    Campus Cafe's Alumni and Development Module provides:

    • Soft credits
    • Matching gifts
    • In Memoriam
    • Payment plans
    • Split gifts between multiple funds
    • Gift coding for internal and external reporting like CFAE
    • Gift summary reporting by year
    • Extensive ad hoc gift reports

How will Campus Café administrative software benefit my school?

Our software isn’t just for gift management. Campus Café database software assists your school with all mission-critical processes and operations from admissions to student services to improving communication between students and faculty.

Not all administrative software is created equally and Campus Café was designed specifically for small to mid-sized learning institutions. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by smaller schools and we aim to deliver solutions that work by making all important information readily available to students, parents and staff in one central, easily-accessible platform.

Give your alumni office the tools it needs to handle gift management and gift processing in a convenient and seamless manner.

Contact us today to learn more about our administrative software. Work with us to ensure your success!


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