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Constituent Profile

Alumni/development is easier with constituent profiles

Alumni relations and development are important for every school, whether large or small, and creating and maintaining positive relationships with alumni and other constituents is critical for success in this area. Our software for schools makes alumni and development activities easier with the use of constituent profiles.

Constituent Profiles will allow each of your offices to configure a single screen view with the information that you determine to be the most important.  Having access to all of your important constituent information in one user-friendly interface makes work easier and more efficient.

Campus Café’s single database design will also offer the ability to include information from other offices, like A/R information that would indicate, in real time, whether or not pledges have been paid. Imagine how much time you can save when you have all this information at your finger tips!

Why Campus Café is the ideal alumni/development software for schools

Campus Café is administrative software designed for small to mid-sized colleges, universities and other learning institutions. Besides alumni and development, it can be integrated into most aspects of your school’s operations such as admissions, business office and student services. Campus Café is a cost-effective solution for schools that are under pressure to perform better with fewer resources.

Don’t waste resources on administrative software designed for large universities; it may be too complex and contain features you simply don’t need. For more information about our software for schools, please contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!


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