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Campaign Management

Campus Café software for schools assists with campaign management

The most important aspect of any fundraising organization is the effective management of campaigns and our software for schools assists with this task.  At any given time, your Development office has multiple strategic campaigns in progress. To achieve your goals, you will need a school information system that not only addresses the fine details of managing day to day activities, but also provides the tools you’ll need for effective strategic planning.

  • Moves management
  • Automated Communication Plans through Contact Management system
  • Single database design promotes best possible Institutional Research
  • Integration with third-party Wealth Screening Services
  • Assistance with other aspects of fundraising such as Gift Processing and Relationship Management

Why invest in Campus Café school information system?

All software for schools is not created equally. Large universities with an immense student body will not benefit from using the same software as a small to mid-sized school. Campus Café was designed to address the specific needs and challenges faced by small to mid-sized learning institutions and we’re proud to be a cost-effective school information system that helps improve campaign management among many other things.

Schools are now under intense pressure to perform better and raise more money with fewer resources, so investing in Campus Café software for schools is certainly a wise decision. To find out more about it, please contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!


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