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Use our college admissions software to recruit prospective students

Recruitment is a mission critical function of the admissions office. Campus Café's admissions portal allows each institution to build customized pages that capture inquiries in real time that go directly into the database and eliminates the manual processes associated with receiving inquiries by e-mail. 

This approach allows the admissions office to focus more time on their enrollment goals, and less time on manual administrative work.


Campus Café's Inquiry Portal:

  • Inquiry Form Builder: From within Campus Café, you can build an unlimited number of forms to collect different information from all types of prospective students.  For example, you may have different inquiry forms for different areas of study.
  • Manage duplicates: Campus Café provides extensive duplicate checking before adding a new records to the database.  Potential duplicates are placed in a holding table that an administrator can verify.
  • Validation: Any time information is added to your database it must be validated - especially when it's added by a prospective student.  Campus Café performs a series of data validation procedures like email, phone number or address check to ensure data integrity.

Once a new inquiry record has been successfully created a new record, it is then assigned to the appropriate Communication Workflow .

With the admissions module of Campus Cafe student management system you'll be able to

  1. Capture leads with custom built web and mobile responsive forms
  2. Segment and distribute leads to recruiters
  3. Follow up with automated emails or texts
  4. Track all recruiting activity - (calls, letters, emails etc)
  5. Create alerts and reminders
  6. Search on any data field to create lists
  7. Export lists to other applications (excel, constant contact)
  8. Run real-time reports for tracking leads, activity, and recruiting metrics

Why invest in our school admissions software?

Campus Café was designed to specifically address challenges and needs of small to mid-sized universities, colleges, community colleges and schools. In addition to supporting a user-friendly and web-based admissions process, Campus Café also acts as a student information system and integrates into various aspects of your school’s operations including student services, finance/accounting processes and alumni relations.

Our software is a cost-effective solution for many small to mid-sized schools. Contact us today to learn more. Discover why we’re the premium choice for school admissions software and work with us to ensure your success!