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Applicant Profile

The Campus Café student management system organizes the most important information in one place

Student databases can be difficult to manage because there is so much information required and needed to be captured across many different departments and stages in the student lifecycle.

Campus Café has a profile feature that allows you to build a single screen with information from multiple sources within the student database bringing together the most important information into one place.

Campus Cafe’s single database design offers the ability to include information from other offices, such as financial aid information. Whether your institution still uses paperwork or several systems with important information regarding applicants, Campus Café gives you a user-friendly, efficient way to manage everything you need in a single location. It also provides prospective students with the ability to apply online and trace their applications.

The ideal student database for small to mid-sized institutions

Colleges, universities and other learning institutions all have different needs and face different challenges – there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to software. Campus Café is a database management system specifically designed for small to mid-sized institutions, so rather than wasting part of the budget on complex software created for larger schools that may have features that are irrelevant to you, invest in Campus Café and discover how user-friendly and efficient your student database becomes.

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