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Achieve your enrollment goals with Campus Café school admission software

In the highly competitive world of admissions and recruiting, it’s critical that your student information system provides the necessary tools to achieve your growing enrollment goals.

Campus Café’s Admissions Portal provides prospective students the ability to inquire and submit online applications. By providing this feature on your school web site, you will eliminate the need to manually track and enter inquiries that come from various sources.

The Admissions Portal also allows applicants to track the status of their application online, eliminating the need to send Missing Information Letters.

Select list of Admissions features:

  • Forms: fully customize-able online inquiry and application forms
  • Inquiry Portal: allows prospects to inquire without login.
  • Application Portal: allows prospects to apply online.
  • Applicant Status Portal: allows prospects to check their application status and tracks each visit.
  • People Finder: allows administrators to search and sort records to find prospects for additional processing.
  • Work Flow Management: Assigns triggers and follow up reminders based on a defined criteria.
  • Mailing: Easily mail merge for bulk or individual mailing
  • Emailing: Integrates with your email client to bulk or individual outreach.
  • Exporting: Export all data to a third party spreadsheet like excel.
  • Common Application Upload: allows uploading of application electronically.
  • SAT/Scores/Prospect Upload: allows batch upload of prospects from multiple sources.
  • Holding Table: allows administrator to adjudicate possible duplicate inquiries/applications.
  • Application Processing: allows completed Application process and missing documents processing and changing of applicant progress. Generates all associated decision letters.
  • Inquiry/Application Portal Configuration: allows creation of multiple portal pages.
  • Reporting: customizable reports along with standard base reports.
  • Schools Module: Uses the CEEB table for automatic updates but  new schools can be added manually. 
  • Travel Management System:  allows for scheduling travel, communicating with prospects and schools for school visits.

Why invest in Campus Café school admission software?

Our student information system was specifically designed for small to mid-sized schools, universities and other learning institutions. Don’t waste valuable resources on software meant for large schools that may not address the unique needs and challenges your school faces. Not all software for schools is created equal and school budgets are tight – invest in something that’s designed just for you.

Having the tools you need as part of a unified solution provides your institution with the efficiencies of never having to re-key data from one office to another and always having the ability to report on data that is collected throughout the student life cycle. Another excellent feature of our student information system is the Workflow and Contact Management feature, which eliminates the time-intensive task of corresponding with prospective students. The recruiting message is strategically planned and it allows for more effective communication to specific target markets.

The pressure to find and recruit new students is more intense than ever before and with competition all around, it can seem like an overwhelming task. If you’re ready to offer prospective students a streamlined, efficient and web-based way to apply to your institution, please contact us today to learn more about our student information system. Work with us to ensure your success!

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