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Campus Café is a single database private school software that unifies the Admissions, Student Services, Business Office and Alumni/Development functions for colleges and schools. It is built with Java technology and completely web-based. Find out what Campus Café can do for your school.

Deliver Exceptional Student Services

Empower your institution to deliver exceptional student services with a sophisticated and configurable integrated registration and student billing system. Efficiently manage the student experience while utilizing the Campus Café retention and alert system to monitor and mentor students as they progress through their chosen curriculum.

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Increase Your Admissions

Compete effectively and realize your enrollment goals with Campus Café’s College Admissions Portals by giving prospects the ability to inquire/apply. Automatically track their application online and in real time through our ERP software's easy to use web based reporting tools.

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Streamline Business Operations

Save time and avoid administrative errors with streamlined business office modules that link registration, billing, student payments, giving, and other transactions seamlessly into the integrated Campus Café General Ledger for real time data access for effective decision-making.

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Grow Alumni and Career Development Programs

Make an impact with expertly managed campaigns and initiatives with the assistance of our college ERP software's practical fund raising and reporting tools, campaign management tools, enhanced research functions and centralized contact management.

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Facilitate Campus-Wide Communications

Centralize all communications in a robust and easy to use interface across your school campus with a workflow and contact management system. Use it for academic alerts, judicial tracking, incident tracking, fundraising, communications with academic prospects, and more.

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What Our Clients Say

I placed all of my professional “chips” on SCAN and it has paid off so much better than I could’ve imagined… your staff is wonderful, competent, patient and professional… always on their A-game and wonderful to deal with.
~ John Fallavollita, Director of Information Technology, New Hampshire Institute of Art
Their team brings valuable experience and a long history of success to the table. It has been my experience that in projects of this magnitude a critical component of success includes having a methodology that clearly details each step of the process. To date, we have successfully gone live in Admissions and the Business Office – on schedule and with no surprises.
~ Ed O’Brien, Director of Information Services, Elm’s College
Having a truly integrated system with a single repository of data increases our ability to share information and avoid duplicating the hard work of other offices.
~John Ohotnicky, Registrar of Fisher College
Our previous system had separate databases for each of our offices. With each department working within a single, related database we are now able to generate reports in a matter of minutes that would have previously taken weeks and involved significant vendor assistance.
~Pat Capobianco, Vice President of Finance and Operations for MSPP
Campus Café had the most to offer to a school of our size with limited resources.
~John Ohotnicky, Registrar of Fisher College
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Why Choose Campus Café Educational ERP Software?

Truly Integrated

Campus Café is a single database ERP software that unifies the Admissions, Student Services, Business Office and Alumni/Development functions for colleges and schools.

Affordable, Best Value

Designed specifically for small to mid-sized schools and colleges with up to 10,000 students, Campus Café contains no complex features, just what you need.


Best ROI

State of the art Java technology provides low cost of ownership and the best ROI. You don't need a large IT support staff. Campus Café ERP is also offered in the Cloud, another secure, affordable and high availability alternative.

Trusted Vendor of ERP Software for Education

For over 25 years, Campus Café has provided college ERP software for a loyal client base of small to mid-sized educational institutions. The clients input is highly valued and incorporated in every new software update.

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