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Custom Version and Release Policy

Scan Business Systems, Inc. now employs the following naming conventions for version releases.

Scan has moved to a yearly upgrade policy effective with the Version 2012.

Version 2012 = Major Release

2012.1 = Patch or update to version 2012.  Patches will only be created for significant issues that arise out of the use of the software.

Each yearly version will be released to the customer in September for testing.  This release will be accompanied by an announcement letter and release notes that will describe new features and functions, major fixes, and database changes included with the new release.  The production version will be made available in early December and must be deployed by January 31 of the following month.

All of our release notes include case numbers that can be traced back to our ticket tracking database (Fogbugz) which usually contains detailed information about the entire history of the case.  The release notes are organized in the following manner:

  1. Module
    1. Product (Web vs. Café vs. Both)
      1.                                                                i.      Database changes

Patch release notes will be kept and available on an as needed basis.

It is at the discretion of the customer when and how often to deploy patches within the year in the production environment.  This should only be done if the customer is in need of the particular patch.

We strongly recommend that you employ the use of a testing environment to ensure proper change control and regression testing of the software.  Scan will assist with the installation of the new version in both your test and production environments at no charge while a maintenance agreement is in effect.

If Scan is requested to assist in building or maintenance of a test environment,   this would be considered to be a billable consulting service.

In addition to the release notes in the announcement email, each version of our software will include downloadable files in the form of html links within the body of the version announcement.  You can also get access to these files directly from our customer support pages.  The files that are needed for a full version update include the updater executable files for the client and web applications, the database synchronization program file and the latest version of our canned crystal reports.  All of these files are needed for the proper upgrade of our system.  Customers who report issues because they included/excluded any aspect of the release version and reports a problem will be asked to update their environment appropriately to ensure that all related aspects of the system are in synchronization.  For example, if you deploy a new version of the client and do not run the synchronization program prior, you may encounter problems with the software.  Also, if you do not update the crystal reports when you take a version, your reports may not work properly with the system.  In the event of a major release, you may also need the base installer programs for the web and client software.

If you are ready to upgrade your production environment and are in need of assistance, please call our help desk support at 781-444-0429 x115.  Remote assistance with upgrades in test and production environments is at no charge to the customer and is part of our maintenance agreement and support policy.  Should you require special assistance or on-site services, please contact our implementation team  and a resource will be assigned to assist as a consulting service.