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Higher Education

Student Information System for Higher Education – The Guide


What is a Student Information System (SIS)? A student information system (SIS) is like a giant electronic filing cabinet with a digital manila folder on each of your students. It’s housed in one central location, allowing all the key players like admissions, registrar office, financial aid, billing and student services to access and add pertinent…

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Understanding Gainful Employment Regulations

When boiled down, education is primarily about experience and outcome. Prospective students and families weighing their college and/or career preparation options often consider several key factors’among them, affordability and financial aid, program completion time, courses of study, location and potential co-curricular or professional opportunities. And while students are often trying to piece together the educational…

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The Definitive Guide to Title IV Student Financial Aid

title iv financial aid

Financial aid plays a critical role in making college an affordable option for many families, often rendering it an enrollment lifeline, particularly for smaller, tuition-driven institutions. Federal student financial assistance programs are administered by the U.S. Department of Education under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended. So, whether you’re just…

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Higher Education Accreditation: First Things to Know

accreditation for higher education

The process of accreditation is complex for institutions of higher education–and has been changing significantly over the past few years. To get a handle on the process as it is now, you should understand: The effects for-profit institutions are having on accreditation How the reputational balance between regional and national accreditors is changing The implications…

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