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Client Testimonials

A note of thanks ...

I came into NHIA at a particularly dynamic moment in time and I needed to re-learn an industry (Education IT), a new school and a new business system at once. It seemed pretty obvious to me that we had the tools to be great but didn't know how to use them. I placed all of my professional "chips" on SCAN and it has paid off so much better than I could've imagined.

New Hampshire Institute of ArtJoe, your staff is wonderful, competent, patient and professional. There has been many times we have spun our wheels in business process conversation but have walked out of it at least putting the issues on the table so they can be solved. This has been consistent with everyone that I've dealt with, without exception. Specifically having dealt with yourself, Adrian, Glenn and Janine, who are always on their A-game and wonderful to deal with.

I look forward to a long relationship together and sincerely thank you for your contributions to NHIA in the past few months especially.

~ John Fallavollita, Director of Information Technology, NHIA

On schedule and with no surprises ...

We're very pleased with our selection Campus Cafe and SCAN. Their team brings valuable experience and a long history of success to the table. It has been my experience that in projects of this magnitude a critical component of success includes having a methodology that clearly details each step of the process. To date, we have successfully gone live in Admissions and the Business Office - on schedule and with no surprises.

~ Ed O'Brien, Director of Information Services, Elm's College

Generate reports in a matter of minutes ...

Our previous system had separate databases for each of our offices. With each department working within a single, related database we are now able to generate reports in a matter of minutes that would have previously taken weeks and involved significant vendor assistance. A project of this size is a lot of work, but with no surprises it is a very manageable process.

~Pat Capobianco, Vice President of Finance and Operations for MSPP.

Eliminates duplicate work ...

"Having a truly integrated system with a single repository of data increases our ability to share information and avoid duplicating the hard work of other offices."

~John Ohotnicky, Registrar of Fisher College.

Best ROI ...

"Campus Cafe had the most to offer to a school of our size withFisherCollege
limited resources."

~John Ohotnicky, Registrar, Fisher College.

"The Campus Web Services module empowers our students to do things
like register for classes and make payments online. I expect this investment to pay for itself many times over."

~Steve Rich, CFO, Fisher College.


Most Affordable ...

"The decision to select SCAN and Campus Cafe was clear. We were able to speak with other schools that had already converted from POISE to Campus Cafe, and concluded that our goals were aligned with the successes they had already achieved. We were also very pleased to find that not only was the cost of Campus Cafe about half the cost of the competitive technologies, but SCAN's ability to provide financing allowed us to spread the cost of the project over multiple fiscal periods."

~Ralph Kidder, Vice President of Finance at Newbury College.

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